Wandering and Wondering: Reflections of a World Traveler

The author of “Bedouins and Bears,” Margery Franklin, has been interested in seeing the world ever since she was a child. Her enthusiasm for seeing new places in Great Britain with her family planted the seed for a lifetime of wanderlust. Margery has sailed in the Caribbean and the Greek Isles, as well as visited Thailand, Peru, Namibia, Tanzania, Provence, France, the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta, Canyonland, and Olympia State Park in Washington with photography expeditions.

Margery recounts her travels in “Bedouins and Bears,” including the time she and her brother took their mother’s small car and a pup tent and camped around Europe when they were teenagers.

Margery will take you with her to be a mahout in Thailand for a day, where she and her matriarchal elephant, Ma-Long, formed a strong bond, or hitchhiking in Australia with truckers in the Outback. She will share some of the challenges that inevitably occur when traveling in many countries. Her stories are often educational and sometimes humorous, and you will enjoy being immersed in other cultures.

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